Healthy Ham, Reverence and a Trip to Italy

So what the heck does extra virgin olive oil really mean? Is it true that salt and time makes Prosciutto di Parma a healthy ham? Can it be that watching...READ MORE

How We Bond Through Hate

Hateful behavior has become an acceptable norm in our lives.  Sally Kohn, a liberal commentator who worked at Fox News, set out to understand how we got here, and what...READ MORE

What If You Felt Like Enough?

What if you didn’t have to prove it? What if you just knew that you were… enough? We live in a culture where no matter how many achievements you accrue,...READ MORE

The Ascent of Angels in America

The World Only Spins Forward: The Ascent of Angels in America, an oral history, illuminates and re-qualifies the question, “Who do we want to be as a people?” Tony Kushner,...READ MORE

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Superwoman

“Bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and never, never letting him forget he’s a man,” is a drag. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially, a...READ MORE

The Forces of Nature, Fate, Family and the All Powerful Grace of Art

Novelist, Diane B. Saxton was a journalist with Vanity Fair, Holiday Magazine, Huffington Post and Greenwich Review, and covered everything from torture victims to psychics, animal rights activists, exotic travel...READ MORE

The Hippie Idea from Wavy Gravy to Peter Coyote and the Summer of Love

2017 is the 50 year anniversary of the Summer of Love; or is it? There are a number of misconceptions shrouding the history of the Summer of Love and the...READ MORE

Who Will Strike It Rich In Cannabis Country?

Federal government raids, outlaws and renegades, entrepreneurs and established big business, mom and pop markets, loyalty to community -The contemporary Wild West Gold Rush is green. Kathleen Tracy tells us, “There...READ MORE

Edward Sorel, Religion, Sex and Scandal

Mary Astor’s Purple Diary is a story of Hollywood, New York,  love affairs, divorce, custody battles, organized religion, fake news, politics, sex and scandals. Writer and illustrator, Edward Sorel, grew up...READ MORE

The Sexy, Funny, Feminist World of the Romance Novel

Acclaimed author, Candis Terry gives us a glimpse into the world of the Romance Novel. What it’s like to write one and what it means to live in one. Terry...READ MORE

What is a Bibliotherapist, and Do I Need One?

Ella Bearthoud first started practicing bibliotherapy with Susan Elderkin when they were literature students at Cambridge University in England. They just didn’t have a name for what they were doing...READ MORE

Hip Hop Artist Andrew Fig Figueroa Mixed Race Mix Tape

Andrew Fig Figueroa is an artist and performer. He is an up and coming Hip Hop artist, theatre maker and arts educator. He is the son of a Mexican father...READ MORE

Artists in Love and Life

Steve Behal and Jeannie Catchpole are partners in art and life. They re-united after a 22 year hiatus and began a romantic love affair and a collaborative artistic journey. Steve was a...READ MORE

Photographer and Adventurer Caroline Woodham

Caroline Woodham discusses the art and business of her life as a photographer. She tells us what inspired her to pick up a camera at such a young age, and...READ MORE

Multi Media Artist Phil Hansen

Artist Phil Hansen is a multi media creative daredevil of Ted Talk fame. He challenges himself, and his audience, to spark creativity by thinking inside the proverbial box. His theory is that by...READ MORE

Film Critic John Desando

John DeSando is a popular radio host, personality, college professor and film critic. He is a thoughtful connoisseur, and entertainingly shares his deep and prolific relationship to film.  

Sculptor Joseph Castle, Myth, Archetypes and the life of an Artist

Artist, Joseph Castle takes us on a journey through his art. He says, “I believe we all have some type of myth running through our veins. Myths are stories about...READ MORE