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Who’s Afraid of President Trump?

What are the limits of Presidential power and authority? Could an imbalance in the governmental power structure make our Democracy vulnerable and put it at risk of falling apart? What is...READ MORE

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Edward Sorel, Religion, Sex and Scandal

Mary Astor’s Purple Diary is a story of Hollywood, New York,  love affairs, divorce, custody battles, organized religion, fake news, politics, sex and scandals. Writer and illustrator, Edward Sorel, grew up...READ MORE

Is Qi, Vital Life Energy, the Key to Health and Longevity?

Chinese Martial Arts Master, Dr. Shin Lin was a contemporary of Bruce Lee, training under the same martial arts master for physical training, enhancing health, fighting and self defense. Dr. Lin is...READ MORE

What Would Buddha Say About Our Free Market Economy?

Economist Clair Brown, Ph.D.,  thinks the answer is plenty. In her new book, Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science, Professor Brown discusses her holistic approach to organizing the economy...READ MORE