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Can We Prevent Mass Violence by Understanding Motive?

Utah Poet Laureate, Paisley Rekdal’s most recent work, The Broken Country: On Trauma, Crime and the Continuing Legacy of Vietnam, is an ethical remembering in the sense of French Philosopher, Paul Ricouer. Rekdal...READ MORE

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How to Save Our Planet in Six Acts

When discussing global warming and climate change arguing and trying to convince people of our position rarely if ever works. Our positions often get tangled up with our personal identities. Shared interests...READ MORE

If You Think the Space Time Continuum is Real, Clap Your Hands

If you could travel anywhere in time, would you? Should you? How conditioned are we by the science and words around us? And where does our future lie; in front, behind...READ MORE

The Forces of Nature, Fate, Family and the All Powerful Grace of Art

Novelist, Diane B. Saxton was a journalist with Vanity Fair, Holiday Magazine, Huffington Post and Greenwich Review, and covered everything from torture victims to psychics, animal rights activists, exotic travel...READ MORE